Guardian Ad Litem

In cases involving child custody many Judges appoint and rely on the investigation and recommendation of an objective third party, called a Guardian Ad Litem, in recommending parenting plans and making determinations on custody.  A Guardian Ad Litem meets with the parties and the children, interviews third parties who have knowledge of each party’s parenting style, and make a proposal to the Court about an appropriate custody and visitation schedule for the parties’ children.  The Schachter Law Firm, LLC has extensive experience working with Guardian Ad Litems in contested custody situations and in shepherding parents through the investigation process to ensure that a Guardian Ad Litem is provided a complete and accurate picture of the needs of the children and the family.

David I. Schachter frequently serves as a Guardian Ad Litem in custody cases at the request of area Judges and lawyers.  His experience includes working on highly contested and complex custody disputes that involve issues of substance abuse, mental illness, special needs, domestic abuse, and child abuse.  This valuable experience is a valuable asset for clients in custody cases as we seek to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your children. 

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