Divorce Mediation

How Do I Prepare for Divorce Mediation?

Go into Divorce Mediation with an open mind

Much of the candor and effectiveness of a Divorce Mediation centers on your relationship with your spouse. While, ideally, your premise in collaborating is working as a unit one more time, lingering dynamics may prove inhibitive. If you and your ex are able to agree on one thing, it’s probably a readiness to get it over with. You probably only want to be there inasmuch as you’ll be able to finish earlier. The following are suggestions on how to proceed efficiently.


Prepare all your financial documents and questions for Divorce Mediation

In order to get going right off the bat, make sure you have prepared all your financial documents and inquiries. These include all assets, from accounts and investments to property and loans. Digital forms may be acceptable as well as originals or copies. You may find it helpful to prepare an Excel spreadsheet or a regimented Word document. Organization is an excellent way to ensure that you make the most of the process..


Keep your composure in Divorce Mediation

As you are getting ready to face your spouse and decide on a number of important facets of your future, you’ll want to maintain a cool head and manage your composure. Divorce is a challenge for most and you should be ready for an emotional rollercoaster even if you believe you’re even keeled and unworried. No one goes into a marriage expecting or looking for a divorce; if you’re mentally willing, you won’t be going through it much longer.


Seek assistance in Divorce Mediation if needed

To that end, you should avail yourself of a support network if you feel you would benefit from one. This may range from a meeting with a therapist a possibly a friend or family member. Of course your attorney is a crucial person for you to contact for all questions and concerns about mediation. The aim of the Mediation is for everyone to be as contented as possible.  It is not meant as an opportunity for everyone to get in their last licks. Go into mediation knowing what you hope to achieve and knowing your bottom line.


Be cooperative and compromise in Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation isn’t a guarantee of success. The format is effective if you communicate with purpose instead of yelling aimlessly (or at your spouse). Be realistic instead of assuming everything will go your way. A successful divorce is a two-way street, even if you’re going in opposite directions. If you need a conversation with your Mediator away from your spouse, ask to caucus. Expect your spouse to receive equivalent attention.


Hire a lawyer if you need another opinion

Although a Divorce Mediation is meant for you to have a platform for your most desirable outcome, it doesn’t have to be a solitary exercise. If you want professional advice and consultation––beyond the Mediator who is supposed to be a neutral in the process––research and hire a qualified attorney for guidance. Make sure you find one who is happy to promote the Mediation, but will not be afraid of a trial when necessary. A solid lawyer will have a few suggestions on negotiating and leverage. At the same time a solid lawyer will not be afraid to tell you when they believe the other side’s bottom line is ridiculous and when you would be better off taking your chance in court. The lawyers at The Schachter Law Firm, LLC specialize in all aspects of divorce, including Divorce Mediation.  You can reach the firm at (912) 233-8883.


Determine how much money you’ll need

If you already organized all your documents and made a list of desirable outcomes, figure out the amount of money you will require to fulfill such outcomes. Construct a list of monthly expenses, which includes anything you or your child(ren) will need. These expenses should take into account your health insurance, your home, your vehicle––anything you would reasonably spend money on. Make sure it is well thought out and comprehensive. You can even find templates online to assist you in your preparation.


Speak now while you have a chance

Leave no stone unturned. In other words, make sure you voice anything important in your outlook to your attorney if you retain counsel. If you think of any problems, now is the time to address them. Conversely, be mindful that your partner will have his or her own opinion even if you vehemently disagree with it. As much as you may benefit from consulting an external perspective, you are the one who is best suited to determine what you deem an acceptable outcome. Don’t settle if you don’t know if you can live with the outcome.  Once you sign off on a mediated agreement they are very difficult to set aside.  Courts in Georgia only do so on rare occasions.

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