Divorce Mediation

Is Divorce Mediation Right For Me?

Why Would I Consider Divorce Mediation?

Everyone knows a divorce is a challenge. Whether it is a mutual decision or one-sided––whether you are a parent or a child, everyone is affected in an undesirable manner. While divorce is often an optimal course of action, it is never pleasant to leave the one you once believed you would remain with for the long haul. Nevertheless, divorce is indeed the best alternative for many people. Consequently, it is essential to make it as easy and painless as you can.


How is it Different From a Trial?

The first thing is to decide whether the divorce will enter mediation or a trial. Mediation is an excellent option if you think you’ll be able to compromise with your partner. A mediation is usually a voluntary exercise in which you and your spouse convene with a neutral third party in order to determine an agreement you think will offer a more mutual benefit when compared to a court hearing. A mediation is a way of saving energy and expenses.


Challenges of Divorce Mediation

That isn’t to say a mediation is a walk in the park. You’ll face a number of complicated choices and you may end up with a few concessions you are a little sour on. Nevertheless, mediation is generally a voluntary act, which means you and your imminent ex are aiming for a collaborative division. In Chatham County, Georgia, and in some other jurisdictions the courts actually require parties to attempt mediation before the parties are permitted to proceed to a final hearing. Mediation can be a useful measure if you aren’t merely looking to get as much as you can out of the settlement.


Reasons for Divorce Mediation

If your divorce is amicable, you may not look for as many assets as you can. Instead, you may want the split even––or else fair. On the other hand, you and your ex may have animosity, but a mutual affection for a child. In the event of custody designation, you may incorporate the will of your child or children in a way you wouldn’t if one of you won everything. A mediation is a responsible commitment if you are doing what is best for your children.


Divorce Mediation is Less Expensive

Mediation is often less expensive than a full-blown hearing, so you’re better able to finance everything without dipping far into your or savings and you do not have to dwindle what you may have otherwise been able to utilize for yourself or your children. But only agree on mediation if you honestly intend to give it your best effort. Engaging in mediation if you have no intention of any compromise will elevate enmity and extend the entire process. In the event of collaboration, you may share your fees––even if you decide on individual representation.


The Cost of Mediation

While a divorce may cost upwards of $20,000 and even more (it can cost between $50,000, $200,000, or even more if the case goes to a trial, particularly a jury trial), mediation is far less expensive and is usually less than $10,000 by the end of the csse. In a mediation, even if you do not receive everything you want, you will have a specific and guaranteed outcome––no surprises. If a divorce goes to court, you may get nothing.  The results in court are determined by a judge that does not know you and won’t think twice about making major decisions that will impact you for a long time thereafter.


Conclusion: Why Mediation

Mediation is a collaborative endeavor, it is more civil and giving. Mediation is not for everyone, however. If you would like what is best for your children and want to save money, if you think you’re better off with control over the end result, and if you feel as though you can get along with your ex one more time , at least to some extent, you may be better off in a divorce mediation.  The lawyers at The Schachter Law Firm, LLC specialize in all aspects of divorce, including Divorce Mediation. If you wish to consult with an attorney, please call (912) 233-8883.

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