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Basics of Georgia Divorce Law You May Want to Know Before Meeting with A Family Law Attorney

Here are five areas of Georgia Divorce you will want to be aware of: Georgia Residency Requirements for Divorce Legal Grounds for Divorce in Georgia Child Custody and Visitation Laws Property Division Child and Spousal Support Georgia Residency Requirements for Divorce: Georgia will not grant a divorce to a family unless at least one of […]

Is Divorce Mediation Right For Me?

Why Would I Consider Divorce Mediation? Everyone knows a divorce is a challenge. Whether it is a mutual decision or one-sided––whether you are a parent or a child, everyone is affected in an undesirable manner. While divorce is often an optimal course of action, it is never pleasant to leave the one you once believed […]

David Schachter’s Top 10 Divorce Survival Tips

The following represents the methodology to which David subscribes and a summary of some of the best divorce tips that David and his mentors have compiled.  1. Not all advice is good advice. Everyone think that they are divorce experts because they themselves went through a divorce or they know someone who went through one. […]